2-Pack 64GB Silicon Power Blaze B02 USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1 Flash Drives for $9.99 with Prime Shipping from Amazon. They usually cost between $8 and $14 each.

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Carries a 5 year warranty.


More Info:

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface
The Blaze B02 delivers transfer rates of up to 5GB/s. 10 times faster than a USB 2.0. flash drive, it saves you precious time even when handling large files such as graphics and HD videos.

Speed and Good Looks
The Blaze B02 is not only fast, but also got the looks. Featuring a stylish black casing that reminds of hairline finished steel, this flash drive is a real show off.

Compact Size and Easy to Bring
The Blaze B02 comes with a strap hole to make it easily attachable to key rings or bags. And thanks to its compact size, it will never be in your way.

Guaranteed Quality & 5-years Warranty
Backed by 5-years warranty, the Blaze B02 comes with complete service and technical support.

Box Contains
2 x Silicon Power 64GB Blaze B02 USB3.0 Flash Drive