Last Bottle Wines has this 2010 cabernet sauvignon from V Madrone winery in St. Helena, Napa for $59 per bottle, with free shipping on 2+ bottles. These retail at $175 per bottle, and the best price elsewhere on the web is $150 after shipping.

New customers get $10 off your purchase though the link above. Everyone gets 2% back on every purchase on top of that. If you happen to purchase the actual “last bottle” of this offer you’ll instantly receive $50 in credits.

Good until the last bottle sells, then they change to a new wine.


More Info:

Once a “ghost winery” just north of St. Helena, V Madrone’s history began in the late 1880s, when, along with other German contemporaries such as Charles Krug, the Hersch family made wine on this spot.

After Prohibition (oooooh, that word just sends a shiver of terror down our spines), it became a popular “country” resort for some years until being abandoned.

New owners, the Tilleys, resurrected it and started making a bit of wine in 2007. Since THEN, it has been acquired by AXR Winery (which is made by rockstar Jean Hoefliger!!).