Aluminum tripods give you a good balance of weight, strength and price. Although not quite as pricey as carbon fiber, it’s much lighter than steel while giving you the strength you need.

This aluminum tripod comes with all of the usual goodies like a quick release plate with a 1/4″ screw mount that will fit the majority of all DSLR’s and mirror-less cameras.

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From Product Page:

❤1、The U-shaped struts are designed on the central axis of the tripod to strengthen the connection strength with the tripod and marked with a prominent bracket lock mark.

❤2、The middle axle design has a load-bearing hook, which is convenient for suspending heavy objects in a special environment so as to enhance the stability of the tripod.

❤3、The foot fitted with high-density pearl cotton, which is comfortable in hand and helps to prevent slip when holding.And with a carrying case which is easy for outdoor photographers to carry and transport.

❤4、Compared with the knob lock, the leg adopt buckle lock, which is more easy to extend the tube .

❤5、Using horseshoe-style rubber pads, increase the stability of the tripod.

❤6、Gravity hook design, which is convenient for you to hang heavy objects, thus can enhance the stability of the tripod.


Brand: Andoer

Model: TTT-663N

Material: Aluminum alloy and ABS

Max.Load Capacity: 3kg

Max Height: 1465mm/57.5inch

Height without Central Axis:1215mm/47.8inch

Min Height: 455mm/17.9inch

Folded Length: 480mm/18.9inch

Max Tube Diameter: 23mm

Mix Tube Diameter: 14mm

Number of Leg Sections: 4

Packing Size:105*105*505mm

Package Weight:1434g