Not a deal per se, but Amazon Product Sampling allows you to try free samples from their recommended products.

Anyone with an active Amazon account is eligible, not just Amazon Prime members. Just select the categories you’re interested in.


More Info:

What is Amazon Product Sampling?
Amazon helps you discover products you might love by sending you FREE samples in the mail. It’s like Amazon’s product recommendations, but real, so you can try, smell, feel, and taste the latest products. There is no obligation to purchase or review the products.

How do I sign up to get FREE samples?
Visit our preferences page to sign up for or opt out of receiving samples and to let us know which sampling categories you’re most interested in!

Do I need to be a Prime member to receive samples?
No, anyone with an active account is eligible to receive free samples. If you’re selected to receive a sample, the sample will be sent to your default address. If you’d like to receive samples at a different address, you need to change the default address in Your Account.

What types of samples could I get?
Below are examples of products that have been sampled in the past.