Huntspoint Gold Wagyu Brisket 12-14lbs for $139.99 with shipped from Woot. Was $198.95. The 9-12lb brisket is available for $134.99 (was $188.95), but is less of a deal per pound.

Great price for Wagyu, with a marbling score of 8+.

Good today, 9/23/19, while supplies last. We’re guessing this one is going to sell out before nightfall.


More Info: Gold Wagyu Brisket has the highest marbling score 8+ with a thick fat layer on the top of the brisket which feeds the meat with fat while it is smoking. Our GIANT WAGYU BRISKET is the top Grade Brisket from American Wagyu Cattle.

Kobe Beef Brisket is very popular comparing to other BBQ meat cuts in the Southern part of the US. Cooking Wagyu brisket over 12 hours is traditional and delivers a very delicious final product.

  • 100% Hormone, Antibiotic FREE
  • 100% Humanely Raised and slaughtered
  • The Finest quality in the market with buttery, juicy, delicious flavor
  • Very tender and extra marbled, above prime grade
  • USDA inspected and approved
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • FedEx Delivery
  • Packaged accordingly with the Wagyu Beef Standards; Shipped COLD via FedEx!

    Package Size: 9-12 lbs or 12-14 lbs