Sharp SSC0586DS Healsio SuperSteam Steam Oven in Stainless Steel for $199.99 Shipped from Best Buy. Was $399.99.

That $200 instant discount is good only today, 1/6/20 Central Time.

This is a new low price for this highly rated countertop steam oven. This 1750w unit features 0.5 cubic feet of capacity and is 19.7″ x 19.3″ x 9.3″.


More Info:

Revolutionize your cooking with this Sharp Superheated steam countertop oven. Combining the power of super-heated steam and traditional radiant heating, it crisps and browns the outside of your food while leaving the inside moist and cooked to perfection. This 1750W design requires no preheating or defrosting either. This Sharp Superheated steam countertop oven includes a broiler pan and crisper tray for easy convenience.

It’s time to rethink steam
The innovation is simply that steam can be hotter, cook better, and promote healthy living.

Steam technology for better tasting food
Food is crispy and browned on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. The food cooked in steam retains moisture better than the food cooked in a convection oven.

Personal, powerful pizzeria-style oven
This countertop steam oven is powerful enough to broil and roomy enough for a 12″ pizza or 9 slices of toast.

Five versatile cooking modes
Include toast, broil/grill, bake/reheat, pizza, and warm.

Bright and easy-to-read display
Keeps control at your fingertips. Single-dial controls make it easy to operate.

Premium stainless steel finish
Provides a stylish look to your kitchen and will complement almost any decor.

Easy to clean, inside and out
The flat oven door wipes clean easily, and the removable trip tray is easy to access and rinses clean.

Broiling pan and crisper tray are included
They come in a 12.5″ x 12.5″ size and give you a perfect cooking area.