Amazon has a 50% off coupon on this XFasten Professional Grade Gaffer Tape in a 2-inch wide, 30-yard long roll, taking the price to $5.49 with Prime shipping. It lists for $16, and regularly sells for $10.99. Gaffer tape is similar to duct tape, but is non-reflective (matte finish), easy to tear off, and easy to remove without leaving a residue. A single 30-yard roll of 2″ wide gaffers tape tends to cost between $10 and $25.

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More Info:

Why Gaffer’s Tape? The XFasten Gaffer Tape is a cotton cloth tape with rubber adhesive that is water and abrasion-resistant. It is superior to most other tapes like Duct Tape. This tape has following characteristics:
Residue-Free: The XFasten Gaffer Tape is widely used by TV, Theater, Studio, Automotive, Photography, Music and other professionals mainly because it is non-reflective and residue-free. Despite it has great adherence, the XFasten Gaffer Tape is easy to be removed.
Cloth Tape: It is also known as Cloth Tape and it is matte and anti-slip that makes it ideal for multiple uses.
Premium Quality: The XFasten Gaffer Tape is the best Cloth Tape available on It is manufactured with high quality materials and passes through innumerous tests before sending to the final customers.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Because XFasten is widely confident in their superior product quality, they will cash you back if you are not satisfied with the XFasten Gaffer tape.